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Mindful Artwork | Meditative Illustrations | Soul Medicine
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My name is Natalie, I´m an illustrator, artist and graphic designer living in Vienna, Austria.

Here´s a little illustration I came up with, that sums it all up pretty neatly:


My sensitivity makes it easy for me to tune into the need of my clients or my own artwork. My work ethic is to get to the core of what needs to me conveyed, communicated and expressed. I want the result to be like medicine. Healing and nurturing. I work very closely with my clients, which is often rewarded with a deep bonding during and after the work period. I prefer mindfulness and kindness over the mask of the “perfect professional business world”. We´re being guided through, if we listen closely.


I have a very wide range of interests and passions. This is also why I have two “jobs”.
3 days per week I work at create 21st century, where I get to work for clients like Porsche, Audi, VIE (Vienna International Airport) or ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways). We´re specified in the field of eLearning and it´s part of my job to make learning as interesting and involving as possible. Our team is amazing, I´m there for 7 years now and I love everybody dearly.
I also get to be an apprentice-supervisor and I have two rad girls under my wing.


The rest of the week goes into my passion, the Vanillery Garden. Funny enough it started out as an online school (eLearning coincidence?) and has progressed into my dream of expressing my creativity to my heart´s content. I´m very grateful for having this opportunity.




I live with my  fur babies Suki and Momo, two Sacred Birmans.
They keep me company and make sure that I stay grounded and present while I work.




howcanihelpyouSooo, maybe you´re feeling me and you want me to create a little something for you? A commission portrait of your furball? A logo? Some inspiring business cards? A custom unicorn? (Well, I´ll try at least!)

Just head over to the contact page and drop me a line or send me an email to office@moonshadowgarden.com and I´ll be happy to talk to you.