Hey, it´s me! Natalie!


It all started when…

Hello! My name is Natalie, and I´m an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Vienna, Austria. Apart from that I´m also highly sensitive, which is why I strive to create safe spaces and rituals for myself.

Contrary to what art school wants you to believe, that “art should stir up the masses and cause a controversy or critical self reflection”, my art simply has a different purpose.

I aim to create a safe space. To loosen the barriers of stress and anxiety and relax the body and mind again into its natural flow.


Who my art is for…

My vision is to find my art in spaces that serve for calming and healing. That could be a meditation space. A bedroom. A wall or bedside in a hospital. A yoga studio. A therapy room. A busy workspace.

For your child, who has trouble falling asleep at night and needs some extra support.

For your friend, who just had a rough couple of weeks and has your kind words on the backside of my prints, so she feels held and encouraged.

For your grandmother, who just lost her pet bunny and needs help grieving.

For your partner, who needed to spend a couple of days in the hospital and now has a colorful reminder that from here, it´s upwards baby.

For yourself, your meditation space or altar. Because let´s be honest: Eckhart Tolle just looks even better next to a magical wolf. :)


If you want to follow my daily life and see me create, you can find me on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook!