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Healing through joyful animal art

Calming artwork for sensitive spaces.


You cannot heal darkness without light.

That´s why it´s important to surround yourself with uplifting imagery, especially when you´re sensitive or in need of healing.


Get to know the artist

If you´re here for the first time, you might be intersted in learning who my art is for, where and how to use it and why I´m driven to create.


Request a commission

There´s nothing quite like a custom artwork of your fur babies or an animal you share a special connection with. Whether they are still with you or have passed on, you´ll have something to honor their impact on your life.


Why i have two different styles

I have a “daytime” and a “nighttime” version of my art. Why is that? Find out and read more in this blog post.


Every week on Youtube!

I make weekly videos on Youtube. You´ll find studio vlogs, work and life help, timelapses and art supply favorites.




That´s a tough bunny!

If you ever owned a pet rabbit, you know that they have some character! They are brave and bold. They put on a show with the most amazing binkies! (Or a tripple-180-head-flop-first as they call it.)
You need a little more bravery for your heart? We got you covered with this sweet bunny card!


Baby donkey looking for a home

I mean, can you really resist these eyes? Well behaved, kind and absolutely gorgeous, all he does is wait for you!


Innocent but strong

If you ever met a lamb, you know they aren´t only incredibly sweet, but also very stubborn and curious. Your jacket looks yummy to them and they WILL eat it. But no worries: Your clothes are safe with this fella here. We trained her well.